OG Night vision toggle, iPad screen size

I just received my new OG.
(what’s that stand for anyway?)

I got it for the built in light and improved sound - which both seem to work “OK”

However, one very annoying thing I’ve noticed is that, unlike every other Wyze cam I have, there is no way to toggle through the Night Vision settings from the viewing screen. Other cameras display the small “half moon” icon which toggles between On/Off/Auto - which is very useful… With this, a trip deep into the Advanced Settings is required - and then back out again to see the result.

Please fix this to make consistent with the other cameras!

Another thing I noticed is that on an iPad, in “full screen” landscape, the picture is too big for the screen and portions are missing from the L&R. “unpinching” to zoom out doesn’t work.

Lastly, As others have pointed out, Why change the screw mount from what it was before (i.e. an industry standard, which made mounting to popular accessories like flexi mounts, easy)

Pleas fix the nightvision, otherwise, for the cost, I can’t complain…


I agree with you on everything here.

Not sure why they decided to use a non standard threaded thing on the bottom, maybe for cost? I can’t imagine that makes a difference, but maybe.

I also agree the night vision toggle should be back, it’s been removed from all the new cam UIs. A shortcut instead of advanced settings is in the Timelapse page that toggle is still there (left over from the old UI), so sometimes that’s a bit quicker. But I definitely want it back!

And the iPad issue is known, Wyze is looking into it. Could you tell me your iPad model and screen size? Thanks!

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Basic iPad 5th gen, screen measures 9.5”. Ios 16.2

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The NV Toggle\Status button is on the #wishlist and needs to be upvoted… A LOT!

Feel free to spread the word and grovel for votes!


This shortcut is available on the new V3Pro and PanV3 UI, however the OG Cams’ Timelapse UI do not have this button in the Android App.

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…and it won’t be there anyway if, like me, you don’t have an sd card installed to accommodate Timelapse…

Headscratching as to why this was removed…


I can understand why it may have created a challenge to implement since they went to the new Live Stream UI with image overlay call up dwell buttons. But it doesn’t explain why it wasn’t accommodated in some other way.

You also bring up a good point with the SD Card. I have them in all of mine so I would never have noticed you can’t use the Timelapse UI without an SD. It makes sense why… But it isn’t something that would have ever crossed my mind. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Oh, interesting. I don’t have an SD card in mine right now, but is it an entire new Timelapse ui or just that button is missing?

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Different UI




Oh interesting, I like the OGs Timelapse ui because it tells you the estimated length and size (I think WCO does that also?), but it doesn’t have the NV toggle. Thanks for the info!

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