OG cams Playback quality of live view and from SD

Has anyone else noticed that the resolution while in Live view as well as playback from the micro SD card on the OG and OG Telephoto seems to be in standard resolution but playback from Cloud Storage is in High resolution? Wonder if there is a fix in the works for this?

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Just took a look at my OG, recording in HD. Full Zoom in on the same object in Live Stream, SD Playback, and Event clip and clarity does seem to be just a slight bit better on the Event clip streamed from the cloud… But only noticable if you really focus. See if you can pick out the Event snapshot.

This is interesting. :thinking:

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The bottom one is from the cloud

Yep. Can tell just from the clarity of the white “E” from “Wyze” in the lower left.

All my cams are in IRNV right now so it probably won’t be a good comparison, but I am going to run a comparison on my other cam types tomorrow.

Wondering why it would be like that.