OG camera recorded livestream/playback files way too large!

I have a new OG camera and I noticed recorded livestream/playback files are about 8x larger than they should be. Here are a few example recordings:

12 sec livestream file is 16.02MB
1 min livestream file is 80.92MB
10 min playback file is 837MB
42.1 min playback file is 3.6GB

In comparison, I recorded a 44.5 min playback on a V3 Pan and it was good at 439MB.

The OG 12 sec event clips are the correct size ~2.1MB.

The OG is continuously recording and I checked file sizes on the microSD. The 1 min files ranged in size from 4MB (night) to 10MB (day). The camera is looking at my unlit backyard, so this is what I expected.

Looks like an encoder problem. Can anyone else duplicate this issue?

My configuration:

OG camera firmware 1.0.71, Plugin version
Wyze Android app version
Moto E phone, Android V10

Here is the codec info from a OG cam playback recording file. I’m suspicious the Color Primaries BT.601 spec isn’t valid and not sure if this is the reason the recorded files are ~8X larger than they should be.

Wyze OG Codec Info

For comparison, here is the codec info from a V3 Pan playback recording file. The BT-709 settings are correct for HD video.

Wyze V3 Pan Codec Info