OG - Black n White Night vision?


“Reading is fundamental !”.

This is my 2nd miss of the day !
OG has Blk m White Night vision.
"Do get any bright ideas, See ! " - James Cagney

100% my fault, not seeing that.

Two errors in one spring training game day?
They’re gonna take my bat, glove n uni away.

I had to grab both boxes, of my newly arrived, Pan V3’s !
Lucky me, they have color night vision.

Oh well, live n learn.
I’ll make good use of them.
“See” !

When Night Vision is on, it is always B&W on all cameras. Color Night Vision is simply a more sensitive daytime sensor. :slight_smile:

The OG as it is tuned at the moment does seem to have a less-sensitive daytime sensor. But it is still way better than a V2. You still may see it switch to Night Vision before a V3 would, tho.

Think of it this way – way better than the original camera, but not quite as good as mid-level V3 because it is entry-level.



I’ll live with it .

C’este la Vie