OG 3X and Ubiquiti router

The OG and OG 3x work perfectly from my home system. When I take them to a building with a Ubiquiti mesh router system the OG works fine the 3x will not show events and I get an Error 5 or 6. I set up a separate 2.4 network on the Ubiquiti system but the same results Any ideas would be appreciated.

There should be no difference. If one works they both should unless you have a networking related difference between the cams. No idea what it would be. It could be all kinds of things.

I’m sure someone might try guessing at something. I won’t lol (because of the possibilities being too great and needing to be diagnosed directly).

Of course, I’ve no idea if there’s some odd cam or location limitation since I don’t move cams around.

So an update the camera records events triggered by sound and plays them back, but not by motion.