Offline but online

So when youre in.the app it says offline. But when you actually open to camera to view its live. Hiw do i get this offline to go away and it shiw online.

Not sure if we are talking the same “Offline” experiences.

Here’s what I just did and it fixed my offline issue that had been happening for about 5 days now (including not being able to upgrade, which it now has upgraded to

Even though is said ‘Offline’, I could click on the camera and view (realtime) video… (cars/trucks passing by); Butt! The time stamp was not updating.
I clicked on ‘View Playback’ and went back about 2 minutes clicking on the ‘30seconds backward’ button. It backed up but was still not showing the time stamp going forward. So I ‘dragged’ the time back about an hour and waited for the clock to sync up to the time and it started forward and the time stamp was now running. I hit the ‘30seconds forward’ button a couple of times, and the viewback timestamp continued to roll forward correctly. I clicked on ‘View Live Stream’ and everything was back to normal. When I clicked on the top left arrow button to go back; it still said ‘Offline’… (I have this camera grouped with others)… I went back again to the main ‘Home’ page, then clicked on the Camera Group again… Voila! No more ‘Offline’ display!

Don’t know if this was just some magic, or if it’ll work for others… Let Us Know!


Unfortunately that wont work as that camera apparently has no playback unless im missing it.

Ive tried unplugging, reboots, resets and it just continues offline. I still get alerts and can watch live though. Super odd.

Do you have a micro sd card in it?