Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

Have you tried reflashing the firmware in case it did not install completely correct?

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I’m not sure what triggers the notification to work again on my unit but maybe try,

After flashing firmware, finish setup…everything

  • unsub/sub camplus - restart wyzecam - logout/in app - wait a day, or
  • restart wyzecam - unsub/sub camplus -logout/in app - wait a day

These are the only steps I have done as I can remember, but notification definitely didn’t work right away after any change. That’s why I kind of feel maybe server has to propagate subscription info onto unit for it to work and it takes time.

I have Cam plus lite and don’t pay a monthly subscription, so maybe Wyze is penalizing/screwing people like me who don’t contribute on a monthly basis, who knows.

I’m on camplus lite too so it shouldn’t be the issue. I only use 1 camera though.

This is an example of what people say about wyze. If everything works right then you can’t understand why people have a problem. That was me for years. But once you have a problem wyze is completely useless with any support.

I have:

  • uninstalled/reinstalled the app
  • flashed/reflashed the camera
  • deleted/added the camera
  • unsubscribed/resubscribed from cam plus lite

Each one multiple times, and still no motion detection (1 picture after reboot), no notifications, and can’t turn on person detection.

Gotta love than the instructions say turn on videos in the app which of course you can’t do.

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FYI you have posted those same two photos of your camera at least half a dozen time here. We…get the picture.

Edit: well now that this has been moved it hardly makes sense in context …

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In case you don’t realize this thread is not about the model camera you keep posting.

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I just found out that my email replies are posted on the thread. I’ve never had that happen before so after this I will no longer be replying to emails. I’ll just check the thread now thatbi have the link. Thanks for letting me know though.

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Wyze assumes if 1 person says a “fix” works then they are done. What is your status.

  • V1 cameras working fine now
  • V1 cameras live stream only (no motion/notification)
  • V1 cameras not working at all
  • I have given up on my V1s

I’m in the no motion/notification category, leaning heavy to the given up state.

edit: Only if your V1 had the flashing blue light and wouldn’t authenticate with wyze

Is the original Wyze Outdoor Camera considered the v1?

again - no

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Have 2 V1’s, only live video, no motion detection or notifications.
Lost all hope in Wyze, they could not care less about us, early adapters.
They only care about the bottom line.

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I have 4 V!s. Live stream w/ notifications working on all w/ the latest FW, but none of the old door/motion sensors operate with them after the last FW update which is a lot of the reason that I still had V1 units in place. Called Tech Support on this specific issue and they gave me a $10 coupon to apply to a V3 camera which I did. I also started to swap all of the sensors to Ecolink anyhow since the Wyze door sensors chew up batteries in a few months and I have had some Ecolink sensors that haven’t gone down or needed batteries in over a year.

sigh…my 80 yr old neighbor has NO IDEA wth flash, sd card etc mean. Plz remember there are ppl that bought the v1 and have been using for years and now no longer have a working one. As to whether she will buy another wyzecam, who knows but lots of non techie ppl purchased your cameras.

We do understand this and apologize for the frustration, but with cameras that were already offline there was no way to do an ‘over the air’ (OTA) update, they require manual flashing. If they are still online they can be updated OTA but there is still a chance the update will not correctly work and will need to be flashed.

We are also still looking into issues some are having and trying to replicate them on our end.


Thanks for the reply…my V1 worked for over 4 yrs with no problem. Original is always the best. I am thinking of gutting it and making a hummingbird house.

Next time, plz let us know before wyze makes a change. Not acknowleging that there is a problem is not good biz.

Just to confirm you are saying that wyze has been unable to replicate the “fixed” V1s inability to register for cam plus lite and the lack of motion/notification. Because I can send you a camera that does it, if you can guarantee that it will be fixed.

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I can also send in one of my V1’s that will not detect motion or give notifications.

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This seems like the only report that it actually does work? I mean, squeaky wheels and all but…