Offensive language filter on cameras?

Okay I’ve been using wyze cameras for quite some time now. Only recently I noticed that when I view playback, offensive language is skipped over and censored from the footage. It’s most certainly not a connection issue because I even tested multiple times in a row saying various cusswords. Even sentences that are offensive that dont contain cursing are removed from playback. I cant seem to find anything online about it and wonder if anyone else has noticed and if that can stopped.

@platinosaur Nice…VidAngel meets Wyze. I’d love if this started happening to my vids and movies. I spend too much time beeping out TV/Movie cusses and scenes for my fam to watch on Plex.

Can you post some example vids of what you’re seeing?

Also, I’m chuckling picturing you/someone in your living room, in front of your doorbell, on your driveway, looking at cameras tossing swears as loud as you can. It’s making my day better.

Yeah, not a Wyze thing. How 'bout your OS?

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I did have a chrome plugin that would read the live CCs on vids from some sites, and it would mute the swears. Worked pretty well.

newer Samsung devices have the ability to CC videos live ( and thus listen in) in most instances…so this is becoming quite widespread and yet another setting to be aware of.

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