Off then Back on (1 min) Can't get schedule to turn back on

I am trying to turn my modem/Router, off at 4;30 AM every morning then turn back on at 4;31 AM. I have gone into the schedule section and entered the times. The plug turns off but, does not turn back on. Does anybody know how to correct my issue?

@keithhall Welcome to the Wyze community!

Unfortunately, the smart plug must have a Wi-Fi connection to turn the router back on using the schedule. The plug will turn the router off but since the router is off the plug has no Wi-Fi connection to power the router back on.

That said, you can use a digital timer if you want to power cycle your router on a regular schedule. Amazon has plenty to choose from something like this one below.

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Great, thanks a lot. I just happen to have a digital in the garage, I’ll give it a try.

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You’re welcome!