Off line

At least one or two times a day my Cam Pan goes off line and only way to fix it is to unplug from wall. I Go to show a client how good my pic is and how cheap the price is and it’s off line.

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Sorry you are having these problems. First thing I would suggest is to make sure that:
-you are current on both the App version and the Firmware for the cam
-You are using the power supply and cord that came with the Pan Cam - it requires more power than the V2 models.
There are a number of other things that can be causing issues.
This link has more info on that.
If you want to pursue this further here, in general, to assist you better, it helps the forum folks to know:

-Phone or other Device type and OS version on phone/tablet

-Wyze Device Type and model,

-Wyze app version. (Home Screen/Account/About). Beta or Production Version

-Firmware version installed on Wyze device (Settings (gear icon top-right)/Device Info/ Firmware Version) - “latest” and “up to date” are subjective and will change as updates occur

-Type of router (brand, model, is it from your ISP?). Is your WiFi using a dual band or a single SSID broadcast. Most importantly, are you on the 2.4g band?

-Distance from your router your Wyze device (Cam, etc) is located

-number and type of obstructions between router and device (s). Walls, metal or electronics, etc.

-Signal strength and quality at the Wyze device (Settings/Device Info/Wifi Signal Strength)

Thank you @tomp it ended being the cord, it wasn’t going in tight and whenever the camera rotated the cord came out just enough to turn off but if you looked at the cord you would think it was plugged in.

Glad it turned out to be that simple!

There was report melting pan at the plug.

need to fasten the base with heavier weight.limiting twisting of base.