Odd "No more" pop up bubble

I just saw an odd pop up today when. Selecting playback. Never seen this bubble before. When I selected playback, the “No more” bubble appeared on the screen. Odd thing is the playback kept playing for some time.

Luckily some pop up about masks stopped appearing but this was a new one.

Which app version are you using?

I saw that before too. Haven’t seen it in quite a while though. It used to happen when my cam v2 would not accept an SD card that was in the spec required by Wyze. An update fixed that about a month ago & I haven’t seen “no more” bubble since. Congrats on getting a screenshot of that pesky bugger tho. You had to be quick or its gone.

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I just got a pop up about buying more masks. So the Version might have changed.

At the time I saw it, I just hit replay and captured it. Plenty of time to catch it.

Since then, I tried replaying the same video and the bubble does not show. I think either an update took place or the SD card was possibly busy at the time.

I still get annoying pop-ups about buying more masks.