Odd behavior

I have a V2 camera that in the latest beta app shows as offline. However when you click on it it correctly loads and displays the live stream.

The affected camera is running firmware and the behavior displays on the latest beta app version as well as the latest release version.

Rebooting the camera helps for awhile then the issue reoccurs.

Any ideas as to why? In all other respects the camera functions just fine.

Mine is having issues as well. But acts online but wont load live feed. Testing some fixes. Ill let you know what I find out.

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I have 2 v2 cams that always show offline. And 1 that works fine. All in the same firmware you noted. (also have 3 v1 cams & a pan cam, that all work fine)

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I wonder what the deal is. This just started happening out of the blue, on one camera, no new Firmware change or app version change. I am going to reflash the firmware and see if that makes a difference.

I reflashed the firmware to the current beta version and so far no repeat.

Yesterday randomly the camera rebooted itself or something and the issue hasnt happened again since. Weird bug… Someone suggested that it might be something with the firmware and the sd card. But now I cant even test fixes. Sorry guys.