OD Cam recording intermittently

Have a V1 outdoor cam. While indoors it seems to record only when picked up and moved. The recordings then are of me and general movement of things inches away.

Set cam in a deck box used for deliveries to capture vid of when deliveries are made. ( darkend box, open lid, package in box , close lid… sort of idea)

It hasn’t ever recorded. And when picked up, it records again.

Cleaned the lens. Set recording distance to near minimums. Updated. Battery presently about 70%. SD cards in cam and base.

Suggestions for settings or testing to verify whats going on?

Camera in the box won’t work, the cam is designed to detect heat and motion with movement going across the detection view field. Place the cam outside viewing the box, set distance and sensitivity at 100.
If you don’t have cam plus or cam plus lite you will not get video recordings, just thumbnail photos.
The SD in the cam will not have anything at all unless you set the camera for scheduled event recording to the SD for motion only. If you have cam plus the backup to the base will not work, it will work with cam plus lite.

To record to the SD in the WCO Cam.


Thanks. That makes sense. Since it does record anything moving inches to a foot away, I’ll try changing the angle of view, or even place it upside down. When someone opens the box to place parcels inside, there is both heat and movement nearest the lid. Maybe it will work with some adjustments. Thanks again.

How was the camera aimed? Pointing horizontal? Pointing up and out of the box? Able to show a photo of the setup? If the camera is pointed up and out of the box too, it should record something, if your settings are right.

You may want to check and see what kind of Wi-Fi signal the camera has while in the box.

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After a month, lo and behold, it actually took a video of a FedEx guy dropping off a package. Heres a screenshot. It saved it under Cam Plus as “PERSON” but doesnt show up under “motion” .Distance set as low and ive now reset the 180-degrees to show upright.

As i slanted it slightly, today it took videos os my moving it around, so it seems the signal is strong enough to send a stream.

Just a matter of trial and error to find what makes it work.

Yea it only detects motion in the bottom half of the view, so by flipping it upside down it should work now. Btw, in advanced settings you can flip the image 180 degrees

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The photo is with it physically upright, but the video is 180 degrees around. So technically, it recorded movement in the upper region, as I understand, where the green box notes. Ive reset the internal 180° setting back to normal and will keep experimenting.

Since it detects movement by a differential change in contrasts of pixels (right) it seems it sees no movement if packages are dropped quickly in, or that the light changes from dark to light over a large are simultaneously. But once the person stood a while to take a photo, it recognized it as movement. Ill try that theory and “deliver” some boxes to see what it does.

Wait. If only the image is upside down, does the software maintain that the 'bottom" of the image, not the camera view, will be active? If so, thats maybe why the delivery finally got recorded as the lid of the box is now located bottom of the screen. Ill test that idea as well.

The bottom half of the physical cam is where it detects motion, so flipping the video via a setting doesn’t effect that. It’s always the bottom half of the device

On the Wyze Cam Outdoor the pixel detection is secondary to the primary detection system which is the PIR. The PIR detection system has to detect motion first, then wake the camera up then if the detected pixel change is within your detection settings and sensitivity threshold then the clip is saved and uploaded to the cloud.