Occasionally contact sensor or motion sensor will not trigger a smart video cloud clip

I have PIR motion sensors and contact sensors to trigger the cloud clips from my cameras and once in a while I will get a notification of motion or contact sensor opening but there is no 12 sec cloud clip. If I go through the SD card to the timestamp I can see that there was in fact motion or a door opening. Anyone know why this happens? This probably happens at least once a week and I’ve noticed it ever since I got the sense package during early access. I always just thought it was a glitch in the matrix.

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I have the same issue I think: I have a pan cam (with microSD inserted which otherwise works perfectly) and 2 door sensors with instructions to turn on the camera if either of the door sensors are triggered. I get a notification that the door is open/closed. In the events area of the door sensors it shows when something opened or closed and has a picture of a camera presumably meaning a video was taken. In the main Events tab, there are events detailed as 00:12 Smart video alerts but when I select the event it tries to load the video but then says “the video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded. Please try again later” . When I started with the pan cam it had a microSD and so the cloud was never used. How can I fix this by either having the Smart video clip be stored on the microSD or on the cloud? Thanks!