OC and Lite service

Wyze isn’t perfect but overall I have been using these camera for free for years and have enjoyed them. You can’t beat the price and so easy to set up. Not to say I haven’t gotten pissed off about something and complained but fair is fair its a great little camera for the price. I just got the OC not realizing I couldn’t add it to the lite… bummed yes, pissed off…no, I could send it back, but for the price…, I will find something for that camera to do!

Yeah, it would be nice to have the free person detection, but other than that, it still mostly works just as well. We still get notifications with a picture and we can still link over to the events on the SD card and view anything that goes on. In some ways it’s better because the SD card playback area now shows us where there was motion, etc, which makes it easy to scroll around to the right spots. Plus the other benefits like the spotlight or the telephoto lens. So it has both pluses and minuses, but the person detection will certainly be missed.

Like you said, they do have a good return policy for people who really need cam plus, and honestly the price is unbeatable like you said. There are benefits to these over the V3, but there are benefits to the V3 over these too.

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