OBD Tracker for Vehicles

Car is our extension of home and it would be great to have OBD Tracker for Vehicles as part of the product line up. This is one of the biggest disappointments in the market and would be a great addition to Wyze

This isn’t the kind of Plug and Play that most Wyze gadgets are known for, but I use a $20 OBD2 device and Torque.

I haven’t integrated it into HA yet, but it should be possible to build automations around it, so you could, for example, have Alexa give you details about your car.

Realtime data reports and everything, without an additional SIM or any subscription service. It will use mobile data, though.

Again, not quite the Wyze simplicity, but no Wyze cloud, and it works well.

Just reading your post then looking through Robert’s again just gave me the motivation to bridge the gap between Torque and HA once and for all, so cheers for that. :slight_smile: