Notifications vs timeline

How does a notification video run 12 seconds longer than the timeline and some notifications don’t even show up on the timeline. Cam3

Can you give a little more info. The notifications are for videos found under ‘events’ the timeline is for sd card playback which are two separate items, unless I am misunderstanding you.

Correct. Usually tie timeline record a longer video than the events but lately it seems everything is messed up. On the the event view there is the Playback option which goes to the timeline where you should be able to view the complete capture and not just the 2 minute or so event. It is also a higher resolution video… Lately sometime the timeline doesn’t have the highlighted time of capture and today I actually had an event that was longer than what showed on the timeline

The notification will take you to the 12 second event video, from there it will go to the timeline and the timeline (if recording events only) will record in one minute increments and if there is motion anywhere in the minute it saves it.

My latest events are 23sec. to 1min. It’s set to events only and records to the SD card. I have captures on my timeline over 5 minutes

There are two different types of recordings. Anything in the events tab on the app is your cloud recordings. These recordings are what notifications are generated from. The “playback” off if the live view is you local storage or sd card saved footage. Both cloud and local storage each have their own set of settings and are operated Independant of eachother. You can have one, both or neither at anytime.

If you have events longer than 12 seconds in your event tab, you have cam plus.

If you have your local storage set to events only, you have blocks of one minute saved to the card for the duration of the motion, or full 24)7 recording if set to continuous.


My SD card was full and formatting seems to have fixed my issue

The SD card will overwrite the oldest recordings unless it encounters a bad data block. If this keeps happening you may want check into a High Endurance uSD card.

These SD cards are typically designed for longterm, continues, and high-quality video (4K) recording. Compare to the high-speed SD cards, these high endurance SD cards are used for DashCams, Security Cameras, Drones, Bodycams, etc.

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