Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

This issue is still happening for folks, my sound events are also not showing up.

TOS popped up for me too but then disappeared before I could accept it. Never mind reading it because if you don’t accept you don’t use it.

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Somewhat back for me - getting notified for motion events now but not AI

Just did a check of 3 door cams with plus - opened door and stepped in front of camera - lights came on as I have the wyze socket - notification on phone but nothing to Apple Watch. This was ALL working until 5 days ago so I have not made any changes to settings -

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Well…it looks like Wyze has a pretty monumental cluster&*@K on their hands. I hope they didn’t decide to consider the issue resolved going by @ WyzeBaohua 's earlier post.

::edit:: I literally just had 9 events from different cams, a combination of AI and non-AI (vehicle, sound, person, motion) and only received 4 notifications.

@WyzeBaohua , although your earlier post says you fixed the issue, it has not been fixed.

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Me too. I’m glad I don’t depend on this service for security. I decided to wait rather than go thru what you did. Service was out a LONG time. Then the notifications problem lasted a day or so and then got fixed. I think I was a little perturbed that I was getting emails for new products while the old one I had wasn’t working properly. There is no way I will be expanding my dependence on a company that is still experiencing such growing pains. I was starting to think I was in a small minority of older iOS users and that Wyze wasn’t concerned because perhaps the problem only affected some statistically acceptable portion of users. We’ll see as time goes on. I prefer quality and dependability to an assortment of frivolous household conveniences, but that’s just a me problem, I suppose.

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I agree. I have a different home security system and was thinking of going to wyze but now thinking I will just buy more cameras for my real security system. Thankfully I stopped at 4 wyze cams.

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Nope. Still hit or miss. Missing notifications. Spoke too soon.

Very inconsistent…

Notifications for my two CamPlus V2s stopped working on about Jan 2. In app notifications were working but nothing getting pushed to my IOS phone. They started working last night the 7th again. But CamPlus person and car detection still not working good/ if working at all, everything is labeled as “complete motion detection”.

Same issue regarding my V2 cams. Problem was reported fixed however, it is not stable.

It might be due to the latest update I now notice a feature at the top of my app that says turn off alerts at night you might want to check this rule and change the times they are defaulted from 10pm to 8am not sure if that will help.

Building on your thought - maybe someone can answer why I can’t change the preset turn notifications off. It is stuck on start 1000pm end 800am. No matter what I change times to and save when I close it and reopen it it goes right back to the start stop time above.

Been following this thread as I’ve had the same issue for a number of days now. My support techs have so far asked me to log in and out of the app which did nothing.

Then they offered warranty repair or returns out of nowhere. Im not returning 25 devices, cameras, sensors, etc obviously if they all won’t send notifications it’s not a hardware issue.

Then they asked for a log to be sent which I did only to get a reply stating they don’t look at logs and they will now close my support thread ???!!! Really?

Come on WYZE do better. Im going to attempt to uninstall the app and reinstall based on the advise in this thread maybe that will work.

I have 3 V3 cams that seem to do whatever they want. Sometimes they send notifications sometimes not. Have found two that settings changed mysteriously. I check them constantly so it was strange to see + notifications turned off for those two cameras. Can’t believe it’s on my end as those settings never changed in months and always had notifications before this seemingly widespread problem.

Deleting the app and reinstalling worked for me, for now. Good luck everyone.

Mine seem to have started working again…for now. Let’s see if it’s permanently fixed.

My 3 V3 cams w/cam+ are still NOT sending notifications. I realize these are cheap cameras and you get what you pay for but I am paying for a service - cam+ - and it is NOT working so I am paying for basically nothing. Compare it to paying for your internet which is a paid service. If it goes down you are upset and complain. Same here. If wyze can’t fix their service they need to stop selling it.

Edit - have powered down and restarted cameras and deleted one and reinstalled it and deleted wyze app from phone and reinstalled it and had 7 instances of motion on one camera but no notifications. It is not my equipment - way too many people have the same problems. I emailed wyze support on Friday I think it was and no reply. Not a big surprise.

My notifications and AI detection has stopped working. Stopped a few days ago. Currently only detecting “person” on one (1) camera, No vehicles, persons, pets, packages on any other cameras (10). 1 out of 11 seems to be working properly.

My problem was slightly different. No notifications at all last night and no events recorded.

This morning I was getting TWO notifications for each event !!!

I then restarted all eight cameras with no change.

I then turned off everything to do with CamPlus - switched off AI event recording and AI notifications so I am now just using ordinary motion events and everything seems to be working on just ordinary motion events.

I am not sure if I fixed it or if it fixed itself