Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

No notifications at all if CamPlus is on.

A big NOPE from me too. Y’all prorate this Cam Plus for the days/events it doesn’t work correctly?


A refund for the days it’s broken would be nice but if you’re on the $99 annual plan, that only comes out to 27 cents a day…

A better solution might be to reclassify Cam Plus as a beta product and give everyone currently paying for it a 1-year subscription in the hopes that by the end of the one year it might actually be working like a full production version should.

BTW, as of right now my notifications are still very screwy. Out of 4 events from 3 different cameras I received just one notification. It was for an AI “Pet” event. The others were sound and regular motion and I did not get notifications for them. So no, it’s still not working correctly.

::edit:: make that 12 events and only 4 notifications now.


Just had 12 events on phone over a 20 minute span and not one notification. I open the app and go to events to see them - no notifications on phone or my Apple Watch 5 which both used to give notifications. No settings changed on phone or app. At least 5 days now without notifications working.


This fixed it for me.

I got my notifications working again by uninstalling the Wyze iOS app. Then reinstalled it. I had to go through and give the app permissions again but is fixed the issue…for now.

I have 5 V3 cameras that werent sending any notifications for a couple weeks. Same as most of you, The cams were recording events but not a single notification. I had installed a floodlight and really didn’t want to climb up a ladder in the snow to reset that camera.

I’ll repost if this is just temporary.

Same problem. Not receiving notifications. I did, then it stopped. All my settings are fine. I went thru all the troubleshooting steps they suggested when I contacted them. Still no notifications. Ticket 1720043. Looking forward to a solution. This forum is great. Otherwise, I would have kept thinking it was just me and would have been frustrated. Now, I believe they are working on a solution as it is widespread.

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When you uninstalled and reinstalled the app were all of your rules, shortcuts, and other customizations still there or did you have to redo everything?

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I just received two motion detection notifications from from my cam plus v3 cam, first time in a couple days. Will see how long it lasts.

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Just had a notification of birds flying off porch - 1 out of 3 cams so far. See how long that one cam has notifications

I am now receiving push notifications from my V2 cams.

@GuitarMan Yep, all the rules, shortcuts, customizations were still there. I did have to give the Wyze app all the permissions on my phone again. For my Wyze scale, I had to re-add 3rd party access (apple health).

Other than that it seems like everything else is the same.

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Just got Motion notifications on my V3 camera. Hopefully it will continue to hold

We have fixed the missing AI notification issue from cloud. Please check if it is working now. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your helps!

I have 8 cams on and it seems that the notifications are working now. Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for your help.

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AI notifications seem to be back but I’m not getting any non-AI notifications. It’s very inconsistent. I just had 6 events recorded. Three were AI (Pet and Person), three were non-AI (sound).
I received only TWO notifications, one Pet, one Person. The other four events (one AI, three non-AI) did not send a notification.

So… still half broken.

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Yep, it’s back to normal… telling me that the cats are people.

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Back - somewhat. Hit or miss on phone but nothing going to Apple Watch. No settings have been changed on phone or watch. Notifications have been working almost perfectly until last 5 days with no changes in settings but now don’t work. So it’s not my settings

Just checked. Same for me as well. Sound notifications didn’t show up. Neither did my non Cam Plus notifications.

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I wouldn’t call “hit or miss” back. It’s still broken. At 3:07 I had two recorded events. I only got a notification for one of them. Both were AI events.

Looks like they might (possibly) have fixed or at least made the problem less severe with the AI events but the non-AI events are still not working at all.

BTW, I just opened the app again and I had to accept new Terms of Service Updates.

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Ok now my sound and non cam plus notifications are back as well (for now!). Cats are still people and have been for a year and a half. Maybe… they really are?