Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

I stopped getting motion notifications over a week ago. All of my settings are correct and I performed all of the troubleshooting tips.
The problem is with the “Cam Plus” service. I “unassigned” my camera from Cam Plus, and the notifications started working again!
I also assigned my camera to the “Cam Plus Lite” service, and notifications are working with that also.
So this is definitely a “Cam Plus” service problem!

UPDATE: I turned off all AI settings, and now I am receiving notifications again. So unfortunately, it’s still a “Cam Plus” problem, but it’s directly connected to the AI settings.

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That is exactly what the problem is!
I turned off all AI settings, and now I am receiving notifications again. Good catch!!

Hi, thanks for the info. So you mentioned you re-assign camplus license and started to get notifications? Any chance you could submit a log and let me know during what time your notifications stop working? Thank you so much!

I reassigned my camera to the Cam Plus and then I turned off all of the “AI” settings, I only have the “detects motion” toggled on. And now I am receiving notifications again. So unfortunately, it’s still a “Cam Plus” problem, but it’s directly connected to the AI settings.

Understood. So right now once you trun on the AI notifications. Still won’t work right? Any chance you could please submit a device log so we can take a look on it? Thanks!

Yes, when I turn the AI detection settings on, the notifications again stop!
I already submitted a log a few days ago

May I know the log number?

Yep - I’ve been using the exact same settings and my notifications have been working fine. I switched off all of the AI settings after I got fed up of every wild animal being tagged as a pet … or as “motion” I am only keeping my cameras assigned to CamPlus to avoid the cool-down period between detections.

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log ID number: 586113

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I’v been having the same problem since last Friday night. I reset all settings, apps, I deleted and added a new camera, I did everything possible. The only solution is for me was to unassigned my V2 from CamPlus and add it to CamPlus lite and push notifications are working perfect, I figured this out yesterday. My log number is 591504.

My V3 the same thing, no push notifications but it’s seems on and off, sometimes I get them, sometimes not… today I seem to be getting all the notifications on CamPlus with my V3.

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My concern is why hasn’t the Wyze team been able to figure this issue out (the AI issues), but we did? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all!

I think that maybe they are spread too thinly now they have so many products. They should have stuck to their core product - the cameras. Their past good reputation is suffering badly.


So are they fixing it?
They never keep us updated!!


All these notification problems and CamPlus problems all started the week before the New Year. Before that my cameras were always working great since I purchased them years before. It seems the same with other people too.

They need to get the team to look back at this time and see what happened, possibly some update that had a bug in it. It would be nice if they could revert their servers back to that point.

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I gave up on their tech support.
They always send a pre-responsive email, the same one, no matter what the issue is.
I won’t be renewing my Cam Plus subscription when it expires! It just isn’t worth all the hassles!
I am looking for a better camera with better service.

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I have app and firmware updates waiting to be installed but I am apprehensive to do it as I wonder what else will be messed up if I do.

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New log number 598710 for my V2 and 598712 for my V3.

Still very random when I get notifications on CamPlus. I got a few push notifications this morning, then for the rest of the day I get nothing, but a ton of notifications in the app. No settings or nothing changed. It’s so random… very frustrating.

EDIT a day later…I noticed today that I’m getting notifications from CamPlus events, all events except “motion” events. I get vehicle, person, pet push notifications to my iphone, but not just “motion” events. I check my settings and I have everything set for push notifications, and I have not been changing anything. Log 599848 & 599853.

Well, all of my rules are now showing as failing and I am being bombarded with notifications when I want them to be off.

Whatever Wyze do is not appreciated. I have done anything to my cameravexcept fownload the new firm ware. Cloud recording footage service is gone. Now I must have a memory in order to view playback. This was not what I read on the product description when I bought these cameras.