Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

All a sudden, no thumbnail event page. no notifications.

Wyze is resetting their registry with faulty files again.

Like others here, my camera notifications stopped two weeks ago now. I have done multiple soft and hard power-offs. Paid Cam+ subscription, triple-checked all settings in the app, etc. Nothing.

After two failed Outdoor Cams over the past 12 months (to be fair, Wyze replaced both under warranty) and now a third one not notifying me, I’m done. Cancelled my Cam+ subscription and will replace my Wyze cams with something else. They’re convenient and cheap, but for them to just stop working, after three times of this now… goodbye.

Wyze, you have great product ideas/designs/concepts, but I have bought cameras from multiple other brands and not only get more features (RTSP stream!) but I’ve not had another camera from another brand ever give me the “it’s Tuesday, I feel like I’ll just stop working”. The warranty replacements were appreciated but that’s because the cams stopped working within the first 12 months.

I feel your pain. I am going through the same thing right now, and it is frustrating. Unfortunately, I am busy working and dealing with other more important things, so I am paying for a subscription that is not working; it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Update: Was able to get my notifications working. Not sure if this will help others, but this is what I did.

Clicked the gear (settings) and went to ‘Schedule’. For some reason, mine was changed to a random time. I have never set a schedule so I moved the slider back & forth a few times and then set it to ‘All Day’ and I started getting motion notifications again. I always received sound notifications for some reason.

It worries me that settings change on their own with the Wyze cam.

For example, before fixing this issue I went to both the Notification settings and Smart Detection settings, and since I subscribe to ‘Wyze Cam Plus’ I made sure ALL the sliders were set to ‘On’… (person events, package events, pet events, etc,) and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I noticed some of these were randomly turned off. Why?

Another issue is with my subscription to ‘Wyze Cam Plus’ being recognized. For Events, it will randomly only record some events for 12 seconds and prompt me to sign up for what I already have. Clicking the sign-up button temporarily fixes the issue by them telling me I already have it. Very frustrating.


I have Cam 3, Cam Outdoor and Cam 2.
Cam 3 and Cam Outdoor send all notifications (for motion and sound) to my Android phone, but Cam 2 does not send notifications for motion - meanwhile I still get notifications for sound. I have checked all settings several times - nothing helps! It records motion events, but does not inform me about. I’m very disappointed…((

I had the same issue ( no motion alerts only sound alerts.). What worked for me was to go to settings → ‘Schedule’ and then I turned the toggle on and off a few times before finally leaving it set to ‘All Day’. I would also try turning other notification settings on and off and see if that does the trick,

Wyze cams seem to have problems not knowing which settings are on and off for some reason. I am still having an issue with them thinking I don’t have Cam Plus with constant prompts on the app (and now emails) for me to sign up for Cam Plus when I’ve had it already for months.

I suspect …Probably there is a difference in services for paid Camplus Lite account and 0$ account.

Thank you. I’ve tried your idea but it didn’t help me…( I have CamPlus and CamPlus Lite subscribtions. Tried to switch between them - useless…

Has there been a recent official Wyze update on the status of this issue? If so, can anyone please point me to it? Thanks.

16 days ago. Scroll up.

thanks SS

Things were working kind of good for my 2 V3 Cams and Cam+. Not perfect, but maybe 80%-90%.

Then as of midnight, no events, no notifications. This just never ends…

Hard booted both cameras. Getting events, But still no AI event notifications.

Wonder if Wyze dropped an update on their backend last night??? If they did, they messed it up once again.

I have been getting AI push notifications from my 5 primary cams all morning… As usual and as expected.

7:17 pm Friday (yesterday)

All three V3’s with Camplus stopped tagging any AI events and sending any AI notifications.

Everything from yesterday is just motion or sound.

Rebooted this morning and nothing.

I have stopped using any AI detection and just use the ordinary motion detection - because it is better than nothing until Wyze get their act together ( if they ever do!)

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I just changed all 3 cameras to camplus lite and the person AI works and I get notification. I changed the cameras back to plus and still nothing.

How can Wyze have one service working and the other not?

Apart from the 5 minute cooldown is the same.

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Same problem here. I have 3 Wyze cameras (1 Cam Pan, 2 Cam v3). All 3 are on Cam Plus. AI suddenly stopped working several days ago. Motion still triggers recording. All 3 were working perfectly then … they were not. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling app, restarting all 3, un-plugging/re-plugging all 3. Still no AI. I am up to date on all firmware.

In fact, on a couple of occasions, the AI did detect a vehicle/whatever. But then when I check on “events,” it shows the recording as “motion.” At first I thought I was going crazy.

I have only been subscribed to Cam Plus for a short while. I was very impressed at first. Now, not so much.

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If you have detection zones set up, try disabling them. A number of users (including myself) have discovered that having a detection zone set up breaks AI detection. Some have reported that CP Lite works normally, however.

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I have 4 outdoor cams & I subscribe to CAM+. A few weeks ago one camera went offline. I deleted it and reinstalled. It works fine except I get no notifications - I suspect it is not seeing any movement because battery life has stayed at 100%. Under settings there are 4 categories, i.e. Detection Settings; Event Recordings; Notifications; and Advanced Settings. Under Detection I have sliders set at 51; detection zone “On” . Under Event I have “detects motion” on; under Notifications I have all 4 buttons “On”; and under Advanced I have all five buttons “on” - can anyone help??? Other three cameras are giving notifications. and acting normal.

I’m sorry, but I do not own any of Wyze’s outdoor cams, so have no experience that I can share with you.

Hopefully someone with an outdoor cam will be able to help you. Have you already searched the forums to see if someone else has reported a problem similar to yours?

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