Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

Do you get any Wyze app notifications? from any other devices?

Still randomly getting pics without a corresponding video clip even though the event will show X number of seconds worth of video but nothing plays. Just shows a still image.

Same here, still not working. On the playback it “sees” the car driving down the driveway and puts the green rectangle around it. Person gets out of car, camera “sees” that too.

BUT, NO Event logged and NO notification. Arghhhh!!! Why can’t Wyze fix this???

And yes, I updated the firmware, toggled the settings, hard rebooted camera.

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I’m not getting notifications on my V3 from AI events. Unless I remove that cam from the app and reset the cam and put it back in, then it will work for a couple days. And I can play back the recording and see all the pretty green boxes too. Wyze needs to stop f-ing with the software.

I do but they have normal motion alerts set up. Only my driveway (the one giving problems) have cam plus.

Since my post everything has gone balls up. Now the camera doesn’t even record any ai events (normal motion alerts no problem). You can see the box around person or car - zero notifications nor events.

Last 3 days no notifications at all. 1gig mesh wifi with only 22 devices on it - 14 being cameras. 90% of cams had finally started giving notifications about a month ago but now no notifications at all. Have powered down powered up, reset all cams, uninstalled cams and uninstalled app and reinstalled. Hard to believe it’s on my end.

…Similar situation here.

Lately I’ve noticed that my v3 is a LOT less sensitive and picks up on and notifies on only about half of what it should (and indeed used to). E.g. One of my 6 cameras looks onto my front yard where a team of landscapers arrived together to work on it - all within the detection range, yet it only “noticed” them and recorded things after they had been there about 10 mins and had already moved about and dragged several large bags of stuff around.

Like I said I’ve got 6 Wyze cameras, 5 with “plus” settings. What I’ve learned is that, while my cameras may appear to work perfectly one day, that Wyze will often break things with their updates, and often in the most obscure parts of the settings etc. that may not be immediately obvious. (just lately the AI detection seemed to have mysteriously stopped).

I don’t have the time and patience to be part of Wyze’s testing team. I’ve come to the conclusion that while these cameras etc. seem like value for money and are a fun experiment to play with, that if you want a “serious” way of RELIABLY monitoring something, go with another manufacturer. Far too many issues with Wyze…

They don’t seem to realize that this shoddy approach and poor testing of updates before they roll it out to us guinea pigs can have knock on effects for us existing customers - e.g. There’s absolutely no way I would seriously trust them with “home monitoring”


My front doorbell stopped giving notifications around the time the iPhone app updated. I had previously updated the firmware for both cameras and they were still working. I have the chime on the front only and had someone ring the doorbell this afternoon and no notifications.

Welcome to the forums! It’s a good best practice to verify all settings are where you want them after either an app or a device firmware upgrade occurs. Rarely, but sometimes settings revert from where you had them before the update and may cause issues like you experienced unfortunately.

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I posted this about 3 weeks ago and for what it’s worth I’m reposting my baseline. I’ve had no problems at all with notifications from my doorbell and cameras. Granted I do not have Cam Plus so I do not have person (etc) recognition.
For the record (again):
My configuration is::
iPhone SE iOS 15.3.1
Wyze iOS App 2.28.2 (a24)
Wyze Cam V2 2
Wyze Cam Pan
Wyze Video Doorbell Pro 10.58 (I did not update firmware)
I do not have Cam Plus

Hope that helps.


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Hi all. We’re working towards deploying a cloud-side “fix” for what we suspect is causing the remainder of the missing notifications. There was a design choice made a while back not to notify for AI detections that happen after 6 seconds. This was put in place before you could turn off motion notifications and have AI notifications turned on, so we assumed you’d get the motion notification and wouldn’t want a second notification minutes later.

However, our “fix” for this may cause double notifications if you have both motion and AI notifications enabled. We are working on a future app update that will “replace” the initial notification but this will take us some time. If you start getting double notifications, please consider turning off motion detection notifications for now.


Thank you @WyzeJimmy! You know we like updates and progress!

@WyzeJimmy ,- I have been getting double notifications for weeks. The second one is less than a second after the first one. I only use the standard motion detection - AI detection has all options turned off. There are screenshots of my settings earlier in this topic.

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I added a v3 cam. No more notifications !!!

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My notifications quit working today for my v3 cam. Haven’t changed a thing. Just quit working. Yet another irritating problem. Seriously what’s going on with this mess?!? Everything is up to date.


Another “no notification” person. This has happened since I started using WYZE. This is ridiculous. My Cam Plus Lite camera works fine. Cam Plus always has an issue and its not my phone. I have now purchased another brand. After my subscription is up and dumping Wyze. Notifications are REALLY REALLY REALLLY REALLY important part of a security system. If they want to ignore this, I will ignore them.


My iOS Wyze app wouldn’t load my event settings and for some reason at one point the motion and sound had both been set to ZERO and my detection zone disabled. App had been updated the night before but everything went crazy the day before that. After restarting the camera and having to relog into my iOS app for some reason helped. But am still getting double notifications for sound. And am still unable to open any Wyze links from within the iOS app itself, including this forum.

I submitted a ticket last night. Haven’t heard back yet.

Mine stopped working as well. Trying to contact support. I need help.

Mine also stopped today, but only for motion… I still get notifications for sound. The camera still works, I can watch it live, and even does motion tracking, but no notifications for motion. I made no changes, it just randomly stopped today.

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