Notifications not working (cam plus)

Well same here, vehicle, pet are working…o well no biggie at least I’m getting motions

I’m not getting person, vehicle or pet notifications and if I change the setting to “All Other Motion Events” I’m getting bombarded with notifications. I paid for the yearly subscription so that I could get these features. What’s the point in paying if they don’t work?

Interesting I have all of ours set to default and we don’t get any false/fake recordings, we do get pet,vehicle…you need to open a service request ticket with Wyze so they can see what the issue is,we have cam + on all 46 cams,we added it for the no cool down and longer recordings

Mines still dropping out , it’s been going on all month!

Again, my Person notifications did not work today :slightly_frowning_face:
-Beta App & Firmware. Note 10 Plus Android 11.

So has this been resolved? I have same issue.