Notifications. I don't see anything for "Push"

I want to set this up inside for motion in my living room.

I’ve tried following the steps listed below. The first set of steps I can do. The second set I only get to half way through 3 because I don’t see anything saying Allow Push Notifications for a Motion Sensor and/or a Contact Sensor.

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On a motion sensor select the Gear icon on the top right of the motion sensor main page. That will bring up this page:

Select Notifications from that page and that brings up this page;


Not sure what you mean by “On a motion sensor”. Is that an option I should be seeing? And I also don’t see Push Notifications when I click on Notifications in the couple of menus I have seen Notifications.

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This is referring to the Wyze app. From the main home screen you will see a list of your devices. Scroll to the Motion Detector, or Contact Sensor for which you want to receive notifications. See the clip below.


Thanks. But on the home page I only have my one screen showing. Like the first thumbnail at the beginning of the video.

I have none of those camera icons below.

I proceeded to delete my camera and then start over again. It was then I saw a list of camera icons like in the video but not quite the same.

The video shows an icon for Motion but mine says Wyze Motion Sensor. The 3 icons above that are Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Pan and Wyze Contact Sensor.

I selected Motion and then it asked me to Ensure you plug the bridge into the back of your Cam.

Anyway, I backed out and clicked on Wyze Cam and set it up again as usual.

Then I went to Settings > Event Recording and set Schedule to All day and turned on Detects motion and Detects sound.

Then went to Notifications turned Send notifications on and selected motion and sound.

Then I also went into Account > Notifications and made sure Send Notifications was turned on.

Nowhere have I see the word “Push”.

Anyway, I tested it out with motion and sure enough the app notified me by showing a notification on my iphone, but what I really want is a text. And I can’t see how it does that.

I’m so confused right now. I have one Wyze Cam but I wanted to a buy one more. One to monitor my freezer and one for the living room. But I need it to notify me by text since I can easily miss the notification by the app on the phone.

As well, I clicked on More and went to Album and there’s nothing there. Not only that, but the notification through the app only showed on my screen for like two seconds and now I can’t find that notification anywhere.

No idea what I’m doing wrong.

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You are doing nothing wrong. You have a camera but do not have a Motion or Contact sensor. Thats absolutely fine. The instructions you were reading were all inclusive not specific to just the camera.

What exactly are you trying to do?

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Wyze notifications are strictly via the Wyze application. They do not do text message notifications. You can use something like Alexa to send notifications to you via text and I would imagine Google Home can as well if you link your Wyze devices to those services.

But out of the box the devices don’t support text notifications.



Regarding where the videos can be viewed, just realized they are under Events and not Album.

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Just looking for more info. Are you trying to set up motion notifications for a camera? Or alerts from a Sense motion sensor and/or contact sensor? I see you talking about both together.

The “push” language looks strictly in use for the sensor settings pages, whereas the lingo on the camera settings only says “notifications”.