Notifications from v3 produce a 1/10 sec video flash only

Im getting occasional notifications that only are a blip on the" playback" of my v3. My most recent was a car driveby ,but a all i saw on the playback, was a 1/10 sec piece. Anyone else? How to fix?

Do you mean playback from the events page on the app which is the cloud recording or the playback from the camera SD card? Maybe you need a better or new SD card. Does the events page have the video?

.hmmm Now Im not positive. Ive had these cams since apr/may and it has happened numerous times. Ill pay more attention which cameras are doing this . I had put it in a lower priority to solve,until now.
I could switch cards and see if that clarifies that situation. It may take a few days until it repeats . I neglected to document the dates or camera involved thinking Id remember …right. It will occur again before long and Ill have that info .

I am using an iPhone. Sometimes if I get a notification and tap on the notification it will take me to the live view of the camera and sometimes it will play the event video. I usually just go the the events page to view the event video.

it happened again, 4x last night, while asleep and the 1/10 sec vid was on "view playback "
i noticed this time my sdcard toggle was off. Still even if it was,id think the cloud playback would have given me a watchable recording sually does.

event on home page didnt show anything

Plug the cam in next to the router, set if for events recording, cause some movement for a min. or so and see what happens. Or just submit a ticket to support or call them and tell them you camera is wonky. Are you doing event recording or continuous recording to the SD?

event only. Last night and today I have repititions of the same issues. Im going to take a break ,then organize and post as concise explanation as I can of the new probems that occured today.
This whole system has been so buggie and inconsistent. Its seems to be just one bug after another. Once you think youre getting somewhere… wham 1 or two freaky malfunctions either repeat or newly pop up. Now,I know who does the testing of these products for the companys … Many of you guys/gals on this forum. It saw it as very promising in the beginning…

ok,Ill try that this eve or tomorrow sometime thx