Notifications for 2nd home monitoring

When we are not at our 2nd home, will use the camera to monitor front door activity. If the app is not active on my phone, will I receive an email notifying me of activity? I am receiving notifications on my phone but not email notifications. If I must leave the app active at all times, to receive notifications, what impact does this have on phone battery life?

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Wyze does not have email notifications.
You can set the Wyze app to always run in the background.
In the app, go to Account > App Settings > Enable Running in the background.

I have no idea how this setting impacts battery life, I don’t use it.


If you have person detection a cool simple way is to get Alexa alerts. It works with routines too. (But from what I can tell by reading, while Alexa can integrate with a mailbox it can NOT send arbitrary e-mail notices that aren’t replies.)