Notifications delay

Just picked up a WCO v2 and I actually kinda like it .

I have a shed that I’m fixing up that doesn’t have any power to it so I chucked a WCO in their just to keep an eye on my stuff . I plan on adding 4 more of these little guys around the shed outside .

I ran into this issue where the notifications are just pretty late . About 20 seconds late .

Now I suffered with notifications delay when I was renting my ISP’s gateway and I finally upgraded to a tp link deco x60 . My v3 notifications are quicker now . About 5 seconds after events happen

But my WCO is suffering the long delay. Since the shed has no power I cannot put the base station in their and the closest the base gets is to the window at the back of my house about 20 ft away from the camera in the shed .

The camera has 2 bars of signal strength.

Anyone else experiencing the delay ?

In the future once the shed has power I’ll run an Ethernet cable out their and back haul a mesh router for my cameras but I’m assuming it’s because the distance between the WCO - base station- and router are all 15-20 ft apart…