Notifications button

Where did the notifications button go? I used to be able to look on my app on my phone and see the movement detected in my apt thruout the day. Now i cant. it appears i only have live stream. Which means i would have to go back and watch the whole day to see if there was any movement in my apt. I have this camera aimed at my front door as i’ve had issues with my apt mgr entering my unit without approval. Now i have no idea if anyone came in unless I watch the whole day of video. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NOTIFICATIONS BUTTON??? Any answers would be helpful. Thank you!

Did you try the Events at the bottom of the Home page?


I JUST DID!!! Thank you so much!!! That’s exactly what i was looking for!!!


If you have multiple cameras, you can filter it by clicking the “…” in the upper right and select ‘filter’.


thank you so much! so helpful!

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