Notifications are different for lock and unlock

When I use the app iOS notifications are different for lock and unlock. One is generic and one uses my actual user name. And it varies back-and-forth.

I hope we get to the point where we’re using names as we’re sharing the lock it’s very handy to know who is locking and unlocking the door and when.



This morning it auto unlocked on its own.:rage:. But you can see that the iOS notifications used the opposite names for the lock and unlock. You can see the generic name on locked on both iOS notifications so it’s very random as to whether it uses paindon’thurt for lock or unlock. The only difference is these were all done without using the app. The auto unlock was an authorized and just happen on its own. And the auto locks were done one when the door was shut and the other 10 minutes after the unauthorized auto unlock.

Can you give any clarification as to if you’re implementing names or if this is an iOS issue or what exactly is going on. Thanks I appreciate all your help and all the inside that you’ve given throughout this entire process.

Hello @paindonthurt,

I can address the notification name question. Auto-lock will not display the username because the action is done automatically by the Wyze Lock. Since you have auto-lock turned on, the Wyze lock will auto-lock once it senses the door is closed. We will not attribute a user to this automatic function.

We also have a 10-minute auto-lock feature built-in when the door auto-unlocks but no action was taken by the user. Since the door was not opened, the Wyze Lock will automatically lock itself after 10 minutes if nothing happens after an auto-unlock.

As for the auto-unlock issue that improperly triggered, I will reach out to you through PM and ask what is going on.