Notification Sound from just one Camera

I have 10 Wyze Cams including one V3 that I am using to replace an Arlo Pro2.

The Arlo was on my front door and I had the app push notifications and a sound on my iPhone when someone came to the front door.

Now, all of the Wyze cams are notifying with sound. Is there a way to have them all record events and push notifications but only the front door gives a notification sound?

I have cam plus on the front door cam v3.

Thanks - Paul

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You can use rules to trigger an action when one camera detects motion, to command all other cameras to save a short clip to the cloud. A notification is a notification though, you can’t have one make a sound and another one not. You can have the main camera have enabled notifications, and the rest have their notifications disabled. Then if the main one triggers you would only get one notification, but the rules would populate several events in the event tab for you to view

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