Notification reliability

I’m having concerns about missing notifications and the reliability of cameras to protect the environment. I can confirm this as I have a wyze bulb that comes on and off twice a day that triggers the event. Many are missed and not reported. I simply can’t trust the system for what it’s intended for.
Are others having the same results?
Notifications to phone as well as saved events are both impacted

My cameras seem to miss motion.
For example, my wife closed the BBQ cover. I see an event before the cover was closed and sgsin sfter it was closed but not her closing it. There was plenty of time between the events do the 5 minute cooldown isn’t the problem. It isn’t even on the SD card so I don’t know why this happens.

what are your respective sensitivities set at? and are you using the detection zones?

On that camera sensitively is at 50%, default. Any higher and I get every shadow, leaf, gust of wind…
No detection zone either.

On that note, I have a camera on my garage pointed down the driveway. A zone is set to eliminate street traffic. I get Person Events from the street, outside the zone.

and are you a CMC subscriber?

No I’m not.