Notification only when BOTH sound and movement are triggered

For our baby cam we want to be notified when the baby is awake, which usually includes both movement and sound. We can’t just use movement because then it would trigger any time she moves while sleeping. We currently use sound, but that also picks up other sounds such as people walking upstairs, so we get a lot of false notifications. Ideally I could trigger this notification only when sound and movement are triggered, maybe within a custom threshold like within 15 seconds of each other.

You may try playing with the sensitivity of the sound detection to see if it can more accurately pick up the baby without triggering on people walking upstairs. I don’t think there’s a way in the app to time the sound to motion like you mentioned.

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There is a problem with the sound sensitivity settings so, that function is not working properly at this time.
you can’t turn the sensitivity down far enough to block out any sound even at zero , ,it used to work fine but now it does not