Notification links causing Application Crash

In the last couple of days every notification I get on my phone ( and I still get them ) links to the application ( or does it… ) and attempts to link to the video like it had before I am assuming.

Now what happens is that I will get a notification of motion, I click the link in the status bar and a blank windows opens up. The lock is held really well too as I can’t do anything with my phone until minimize all my apps.

Anyone else had this same sort of behavior ?

Thank you for your time,


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I’m experiencing the same thing

Make sure you guys send logs into the developers. I have made a video if someone might kindly shoot this to the developers as this issue is kind of hard to describe :slight_smile:
Maybe @mixonepa or @Loki one of you could send it to them so they can see the issue. (im not sure what they would be able to deduce from logs if the app is just stopping and freezing.)

this issue has presented only since the last update and it is strictly contained to the phone notifications from the dropdown menu…everything else and every way inside the app to view the notifications works.

my issue was fixed in the latest update. NOW THAT WAS A FAST FIX! danke schon WyzeGuys!

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I can confirm that indeed this has been fixed by the Dev’s.
As usual, you guys out there at Wyze are super responsive. Thanks guys!


Now if they could only fix the audio issue ( coming through the earpiece) I’m experiencing with my three Pan cameras.