Notification LAG again and again

Hi everyone!

I have many issue with the notification of my setup…

I have 6 wyzecam and I never get notification until i open my cell phone … Am I the only one with this problem ?

Im on a galaxy s10

Thanks for the help !


I’m on IOS, so I don’t know Android well but there is probably a similar setting. You have to have Notifications allowed in the app and specifically in the Device Settings on the device to have it appear in the lock screen and/or with sound.

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Thanks for reply . I have check every setting and everything is fine. Sometime… and I say sometime I receive it at the right time but 90% of time I dont get anything until I open the phone or the apps :frowning:

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In IOS there is an app setting for each app which allows it to refresh in the background. It can be turned on or is to conserve resources. I wonder if it could be something like that in Android, since it seems like the notifications are there, just don’t surface until you open the phone?

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Its the same thing on android but it look more like the app turn on sleep when the phone isnt open. When i restart the phone i dont get any wyze notification until I open the app

How about this -top right corner of app. If there is a slash thru bell icon you will not get notifications.

I used to have lag on my Note 9 where notifications came only when i opened the phone, but now I have (practically) zero. For me, it was absolutely a setting issue. Everything Wyze and battery related needed to be disabled. And I mean, everything. Now, I get notifications when the phone screen is off within 15 seconds - at the most 2 or 3 minutes.

Unfortunately, even between Samsung phones, settings can vary wildly, so it would be difficult to walk through them.

Maybe its because Ispeak french but I dont understand what you have to disabled to fix it

Notification are ON and I have try many setting and rules

You are not alone , see here

Well thanks for this post. At least im not alone

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If you are outside the USA, I think that some additional lag would be expected. I guess it would depend on how the data packets are routed around the world.

In my case it was due to the doze function on my android. Got around it by using IFTTT to send notifications.

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Exactly , using IFTTT is , a work around , not a solution :upside_down_face:

It is chronic here. I am fairly sure it is actually a network congestion issue at the ISP level. The lag varies from near immediate in the middle of the night to roughly forever in the mid afternoon when the kids are all playing WOW,

It may be your wifi or cellular carrier lagging the signal processing.

I Have many camera and every camera are slow. I dobt have cell carrier :confused:

I also have 6 wyze cam and i haven’t receive notification on my for the last 3 month. It work good when i’m at home. When i turn on mobile hotspot i will not receive any notification when i’m out of town. It work will when i do not turn on mobile hotspot even when i’m out of town.