Notification issue?

Notification issue on Beta (I think). On Monday my app ver was 2.0.6 I turned on sound alerts and turned off motion zones. I wanted the whole screen to detect motion. The app crashed a few times with a network error when turning on the sound alerts but the change was made. I also turned up the motion sensitivity setting to about 3/4 full. On Friday I started getting 20-25 motion detect notifications all at one time. back to back. If you look at the screenshot you will see the timestamp is every 5 minutes. There has been somewhat continuous motion during those times as my TV is on but the notification did not come in every 5 minutes. All of a sudden they all came in at once. I have since turned down the sensitivity to less than half but I am still having the same issue. This started 2 days ago after a V2 firmware update and app update to 2.0.8 firmware

Same problem I have been having And the Problem is related to this