Notification delays today

I agree. Turning on all motion does notifiy. But I get a lot. :slight_smile:

@R.Good, @Jtikal, @WildBill

Wonder if you all could try something, curious if it works for you. I just went for a period of time where Alexa Announced a person and the event did show up correctly tagged. But no Push Notification.

I did the following: (Android Device)

  1. In the Wyze App, I cleared the cache. it was at 24MB
  2. Closed out of the app
  3. On my Android device, I long pressed on the app and then went to App Info
  4. Did a force stop
  5. Went to Storage and Cache menu option
  6. Deleted the Cache there as well. It was at 102MB.
  7. Went back in and started each camera to make sure thy all were working still and streaming cleanly.

After doing all of that and waiting for a person to cross my driveway, I was finally alerted of a person.

Wondering if you all will have a similar experience.

Not saying it is a fix, but trying to reason out if it is anything related to the app. My thought is, what would happen if the cache gets corrupted or hits a point where things get delayed.

Still thinking it is could related to something on the server side not pushing the AI notifications consistently.

iOS is a bit different from below, I believe. I know you can clear the Cache from withing the app, not sure where and if you can clear cache outside of the app and do a force stop of sorts.

In any event, just trying to figure this out. :slight_smile:

Did you open a ticket?

Nope…support has been useless and inaccessible. Not willing to sit on the phone for hours nor wait for a non-response via chat. I’ve mostly given up on the support staff.

I did emails for my last 2 support issues, it was a great way to handle support. I send out my issue and then move on with life until they respond back, then I continue on with life until it’s convenient for me, then I look at the email and do whatever it says then respond and move on with life. Email support is 100% at your convenience whenever you feel like picking things back up. If the email comes in when you’re not free, just ignore it until it’s convenient for you. No wasted time AT ALL. I highly recommend it for you if you hate all the waiting on phones and chats.

Also, you can always send in a log and video without initiating an actual response ticket…that way the error goes to the devs who can look into it, but you don’t have to sit around waiting on or expecting a response (devs don’t respond). But at least that way things might get better.


I’ve been in contact with support via email and they’ve just had me do some basic stuff like check notification settings and completely delete the device and reset it up again. Hasn’t helped.

I have been able to confirm that when a vehicle comes through, I don’t get a notification, but I do if a person is noticed within the first couple seconds. If someone drives into the driveway, like my in laws today, and it notices the vehicle and starts recording, even when it notices a person later it won’t trigger the notification. The cloud event will show person and vehicle tags, but I don’t get any notification. So definitely not related to just notifications or a problem with the camera sending, etc. So does seem to be something on the backend related to AI events.

I also just installed a garage v3 with the same firmware, without cam plus, and it’s notifying me of all motion alerts, such as someone driving by the highway when the light passes through the windows. So all adding up to what others have suggested the problem being.


We have also noticed that notifications are problematic if you setup a detection zone. If you have Detection Zones on, try turning them off and see if your notifications are better.

I’ve got some cameras with and some without detection zones but I’m not receiving notifications for any of them. Very disheartening. Just purchased a V3 with 1 year of CamPlus and am not pleased that it seems to be less than reliable for notifications.

Yea, I am receiving notifications more now than before, but it is still flawed/sporadic.

Because the lack of notifications is happening on my iPhone and Android, I partially rule out the app. I believe it is on their back-end AI Servers, or my network. But everything else on my network seems to be doing fine.

I am looking at my Mesh setup, seems that every time I restart it, I start getting alerts and the 0 Kbps issue goes away. I will see what I can find.

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I don’t have a mesh setup, just a dedicated AP for the cameras. There are also dedicated APs for guest network and my main WIFI stuff. Main router is a Ubiquiti ER-10x with firewall rules to segregate the networks. Currently, the AP for the cameras is on my main subnet with my iPad, iPhone and laptop, amongst others.

Ubiquiti is a great setup. Surprised you aren’t getting consistent notifications. I charged my phone to 100%, and I started to receive alerts again. This is confusing at best. My TP-Link setup has not failed me yet. I have the P7, which was discontinued. In my research, I realize that the Ports are not gigabit, which is what my network is and WAN as well. So I decided, I would update to a more recent setup. Trying to keep the cost down.

Yea, we’ve (WYZE Consumers) been spinning our wheels and trying everything we can to rule out user side for weeks… I did notice just now that “missing notifications” is on their known issues list. A little more detail on the Problem/Incident list would be nice, like when it was documented at least. The rest of the stuff I would want to know just because of my history with app dev. So it wouldn’t be a standard ask of a consumer/user. But then again… WYZE did say what makes them different is that they wanted to be friends with their customers… So, I wanna know sprint cycles, spikes, blockers, and what’s going into each PI. :rofl: But seriously… a created date would be nice on this list.

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Good find. Like you, it would be nice to know when it was created and maybe a description as well. It says in-progress, wonder if they have a target date as well. Or even if they know what the issue is. Would also like to know the priority compared to the other in-progress items.

I will say this, most of us were correct in our assumption that it was an issue on the AI server, or back-end servers.

Wonder if they would be willing to work with a few of us to test the updates prior to being a Beta Release.

Wonder if we can get a list of what FW / SW bugs are in a pending state to be fixed. That may put some individuals minds at ease.

I’ve turned detection zones off to no avail; like others. But yeah, at this point I’m just dealing with it and assuming it will be resolved from a firmware update or something on their back end. I’m glad someone found this is a known issue with Wyze and that they may be working on it. Having some sort of transparency would be nice for us customers having this issue. Start date/expected end date or status would be pretty easy to note for us to keep us at ease.

Overall I’m loving these cameras, but it’s essentially making cam plus useless at the moment and I bought it (like many others did) for the exact reasons we can’t use it currently.

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Just received my free V3 today related to the Backer Program. set it up and turned on AI Person notifications only with no detection zones. I noticed the interval which could potentially explain why some of the notifications may be missed. It looks like the notifications are coming every 5 minutes, even though it is a V3 with CamPlus (Trial Version for now). Here is the image reflecting that. The latest image was at 1:55, then the next is 5m earlier and the one after that is 10m. MY impression is that there is no 5 minute cool down when using CamPlus. Am I mistaken. Note: I was in the room and moving a lot.

*** EDIT ***

Just did a little more digging, it was user error. :frowning:

In looking at the event, they recorded for 5 minutes and then the next recordings started. So there is no issue. It is alerting as expected.

My Bad.

But it is impressive that it recorded for 5 minutes and then went directly into another recording.

Getting same thing, live view a lot of the time does not go thru also.

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