Notification/alert when camera gets moved/repositioned

Sometimes the Wyzecams get moved in error, and when that happens, negates value of the webcams.

They get moved or re-positioned during house cleaning, etc…would be very valuable to get an alert that the wyzacam has moved. If it happens and I am away or out of town, have no idea what’s going on in my absence.

This could be a valuable alert to add to all wyzecams, even V1.

Hello @nantasketbeach81 and welcome to the community

In theory it should trigger as movement.

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Yes. I’ve seen that after setup.

I can see the value in this. For example, you may have motion alerts turned off while you’re home. Then you go out and turn them back on, but the camera was inadvertently moved. This feature could compare the stationary background currently to the background image that the user designates when positioning the camera.

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Another factor is when a motion detection zone has been set up, that zone no longer works correctly after the camera has been moved.

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