Nothin in the events interface

First post.

Camera was working great, did a firmware upgrade. Nothing is showing in “Events” to be reviewed.

Rule is configured “Turn on motion detection” and “Turn on notifications”. I stand in front of the camera waving and nothing. Was working before.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Which camera? Cam Plus or not? Do you mean rules or do you just have the camera setting to detect motion and notifications turned on. Is event recording turned on? I know nothing about “Rules” never used them.

Welcome to the forums! I’ll touch on a few of your comments…

Always always after a firmware upgrade, go through your settings are verify they are where you want them. Sometimes a firmware upgrade reverts some settings away from where you had them.

What are you trying to accomplish with these rules? What is your trigger? The actions you mentioned are just settings togglers, one turns on motion detection, and the other turns on notifications. I can help come up with some rules for you, and just need what products you are works ng with, what triggers you want and what you want to happen.