Not too many features for Wyze Cam

I know I just logged 6 or 7 things I’d like to see.

However, part of the appeal of Wyze cam is that you’ve come in and disrupted an industry with a super inexpensive, but extremely well designed camera and ui interface.

I’ve seen more than a few great products suffocate under their own weight by constant feature overload (Day One, Ulysses, etc)… In the end I just want a camera that does exactly what it does right now - and stays inexpensive.

Sure, you can always upgrade the specs, and tweek the software - but do we really want (or need) some of the requests - battery backup inside the camera, co2 alarms, smoke alarms, etc etc… That all costs time, money, and dev effort.

Simply understanding your target demographic and keep churning out more great cameras at good cost is what made (and will keep me) a fan.

Remember how when Steve Jobs was around, new software updates would actually sometimes get smaller? Feature bloat has killed many apps when new focused ‘simple’ apps challenge them.

Stay simple, easy to use, enjoyable!


Similar thought.

“Improved” function of existing features over new features. Option would be new specific use cams. Outdoor version, doorbell version are on my want list. WYZE Delux Cam model X for those in need of more features and cost.