Not sure how I submit for video of the month but I have a doozy

I’m doing a major remodel on my house, digging out the basement (house built: 1907), which is very common in SLC, UT. I have a Wyze cam v3 hanging off my detached garage pointed at my house so I can watch them while I’m out of town. On Saturday my camera caught my original foundation slipping and almost the entire south side of my house collapsing.

Here’s “the moment” in real time, half & quarter speed:

What it looked like after (my neighbor texted me this pic as I was out of town for Thanksgiving holiday):
Google Photos

Needless to say there is now TONS of natural light in the kitchen and it feels really airy in there!


Yikes !! :open_mouth: Those guys never heard of shoring??. So now you have an “open kitchen” with free air conditioning just what everyone in Utah needs in December. :upside_down_face:


Wow, the guy that scampered out was actually UNDER your kitchen (in the shadows)! Probably renewed his respect for physics.

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