Not recognize wi fi password

Trying to set up outdoor cam, but the base station does not recognize the wi fi password. have rebooted router and reinstalled base station. suggestions?

Plug the cat 45 into base/hub into your router and set up your cameras first,the fast way is push the setup button on the base/hub the light will flash, then push the setup on the outdoor camera and hold it down and you will here it saying setup in process let go and do the rest of them like that, then go set your wifi wireless name and password, then you can go move it where you want it to go.

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You have to set up the base station using the cord first. Once it is configured there then you have the option to use wi-fi. But the initial configuration is done via the cable. Only after that initial setup is done will you have available the true option for Wi-Fi and you will enter your credentials then. You can then unplug it from the cable and it will work using Wi-Fi from that point forward if you have that setting on

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That worked, thanks


Glad to be able to help. Enjoy your cameras :slight_smile: