Not receiving watch notifications

I’m not receiving notifications on my watch. The watch keeps disconnecting from my phone too. I have Bluetooth on 24/7

All notifications are on, but I’m just not receiving anything on my watch.

Any help here ? Thanks

You can try changing the battery optimization settings so that it doesn’t keep shutting down the Wyze app, or turn on the setting for “Running in the background.” It is likely there is some kind of battery optimization feature from the phone that is causing the disconnect. Often you can tell it not to do that for the Wyze app, or to leave Bluetooth alone too.

I set the battery settings to unrestricted and turned on running in the background , still not receiving notifications on the watch.

I disarmed and armed my home monitoring system to see if my watch would notify me , and it didnt…

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I wish I had better recommendations, but as you know, for now I’m still a noob when it comes to the watch.

It looks like that was the fix!

I had deleted the app yesterday so those two suggestions seem to have fixed it for me , I just received a notification on my watch just now.

Thanks Carver


Although I just received a complete motion notification from a camera. But when I arm or disarm my home monitoring system, I don’t get a notification from that on the watch

Are you arming/disarming it from the app or the keypad?

No, from the app

I don’t think it actually posts a notification if you are currently actively using the app. Are you still getting a notification for it on your phone when you change the status through your phone? I know for mine, if I open the app, it usually clears all my Wyze notifications from my notification shade, and I don’t think it populates new ones while I’m using it. I just tried on mine and it didn’t do any notifications when I did it from the app, because it assumes I already know about it. But if I do it from the keypad, then I get a notification.

Maybe im going a little crazy over here but I do remember getting notifications on my wyze watch whenever I armed or disarmed the system through the app.

On both this Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and my iphone 8, or maybe Im just making it up :thinking::thinking::thinking:

You are right Carver, I armed and disarmed the system with the keypad and I got a notification on my watch but don’t get a notification when I do it through the app.

I could’ve sworn that I would get a notification on the watch whenever I did It through the app, maybe Im just not thinking straight over here (haven’t been sleeping well for weeks😂)

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