Not receiving push notifications

Notifications are turned on yet I’m not getting any push notifications

Some of the trouble shooting steps I’ve done are : removed cam plus from the device and re assigned it , restarted camera , force quit app, turned off and on notifications.

Yet this is what I see in my settings…

Any help here

Also person and pet events are showing in the events tab but I’m not receiving push notifications… weird

This may be a side effect of your recent CamPlus subscription deletion\addition on all your cams or a variation of the original CamPlus Unlimited purchase issue you experienced.

If the cams were still anchored to the old sub in the Wyze subscription tracking platform when you recently cancelled it, it may still have some affinity for your cams, although I would agree it shouldn’t.

You already know\have done all the preliminary steps CS will run you thru:

  1. Unassign
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Sign Out
  4. Force close
  5. Restart phone
  6. Power cycle cam
  7. Wait…
  8. Open app
  9. Sign in
  10. Reassign
  11. Verify settings
  12. Test
  13. Punt: Call CS
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Thanks slab . Just followed all of those steps but it didn’t work.

On the phone with support

Just got off the phone with support and followed all of their steps and still not receiving push notifications from the device .

I submitted a log and passed the number down to them and they just told me that the cam pan v2 is having issues with notifications so my device maybe affected. A new FW update should fix this …

I turned on motion notifications and I’m receiving push motion event notifications but I still don’t get push AI notification events…

I don’t have a PanV2 so I can’t test it. Sounds like a known issue though if support has already indicated that. Nothing you can do if it’s a server issue. Only solution for a Firmware issue is a flash.

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I also am not able to receive push notifications. Once in blue moon one or two will come through but we are talking weeks apart. For example I got two cameras November 6. As I was installing them I got one notification for sound. and then nothing for weeks. the other day out of nowhere a couple notifications came thru. I thought okay maybe now its working and it fixed itself. Nope. Nothing. Sucks!

Push Notifications are only sent when there is an Event uploaded to the server, shown in the events tab, AND the individual cam settings have been set such to coincide with the type of Event uploaded, AND the App Notification Settings have been enabled.

Any saved and active rules with Notifications Triggers can affect these.

Additionally, Phone Device Settings can silence notifications so that they are not shown (at least on Android… No experience w\ iOS).

  1. Verify that the events for which no notification is received ARE being recorded as events in the events tab. If they are not, that needs to be fixed in order to get any notifications.
  2. Verify all cam notification settings are correct for the types of events you wish
  3. Verify all App notification settings are on
  4. Clear App Cache
  5. Logout
  6. Force Close App in OS
  7. Verify Wyze App Notifications are allowed in OS
  8. Reboot phone and cam
  9. Reopen App, Login
  10. Test

I found the fix!!!

I deleted the device from the app and added it as new , and that fixed the camera not sending push ai event notifications! :slight_smile:

Doing that made it worse! Now it says offline all the time and still zero notifications!!! Wyze is junk!!!

Nothing works man! Wyze is junk!!!

That was the fix for my problem , wasn’t meant for you but sorry that it happened

What were you experiencing and what are your issues now ?

Deleting a device and reinstalling it is a last resort effort of starting over from scratch. If you delete a device from the app and then reinstall it. all settings must be reconfigured, to include verification that any license is assigned to the cam.

Try power cycling the cam, waiting for it to run it’s startup routine, then reopening the app. Verify all settings.

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I have tried everything since November 6. Nothing. These are junk.

I am glad I only have two Wyze cams. My 10 iSmart ones work perfectly without issues!!! I only bought Wyze as a back up. Thank you for nothing wyze!