Not receiving notifications from Cam Plus

For the last 2 days I’ve noticed that I am not receiving notifications on my iPhone from Cam Plus. The Wyze app is setup for notifications on the cameras that are using Cam Plus and my iPhone is allowing notifications for the app in settings.

Are you receiving event videos? What are your event recording settings? Sounds like your notification settings are correct, but without events, no notifications.

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Yes I am getting event recordings on both camera set for cam plus. I have Wyze AI and motion set for notifications. I have people and pets set to notify.

Are you receiving any notifications from the Wyze app? Have you disabled push notifications completely in the app?

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Restarted the iPhone and I am getting all notifications now. Thanks for all the replies.

I’m having the same problem as well. As soon as I bought cam plus, I’m not receiving notification until I restart my camera. I have to restart it every 2 days.

My problem was with my Wi-Fi router. After restarting it everything worked as it should.