Not getting alerts on new phone

Can someone help me figure out why I am not getting and alerts on my new Moto G phone? I have looked at every setting I can think of. I transfered all the app from my old phone to the new one. Thanks

Event video alerts? Sense sensor alerts? Does the bell on the upper right have the “Zz” next to it?

@bake33 Settings Check.

Camera Live Stream > Gear Icon (top right) Device Settings

Event recording > Detects Motion?

Notifications > Person? And All Other Motion?

Yes, there all on

Try Uninstall the app restart your phone reinstall the app

No zz, all alerts on

Reinstalled app, still no alerts

Which Wyze cams are you using?

3 v2 indoor sqaure cams Ive been using over a year. Still get alerts on the old phone. Must be a setting on the new phone ?

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I agree sounds like problems with the new phone.

Its looking like a bug with my phone where it wont sent notifications if the screen is locked, so I cant use that security feature.

Just confirming that you don’t get any notifications at all when the phone is locked (never received them and they are lost)? Or the notifications are delayed and you receive them after the phone is unlocked?

I am getting them now when unlocked. At first I did not get any but after tooling around they started showing up when I unlocked the screen. Now I am getting them live because I am leaving my screen unlocked. I have read on Motorola forums where others are having same problem with notifications, not wyze specifically.

Is your battery saver on ?
Wyze icon badge on ?

Battery saver off, not sure what bade you mean?

Touch and hold the Wyze app untill it shows app info.
Tap app info/app notifications/icon badge set it to on.

Ok, thanks, yes there all on