Not gettin event recordings on v2, og, doorbell

yesterday 4/30/23 all my cams stoped sending me event recordings … but i do get the event notifcation but no recording… anyone no why this happening

What are you seeing when clicking the notification? What about I’m the events tab? Can you send a screenshot?

If you are getting the Push Notifications, then there is something at least trying to upload to the server. All notifications are sent from the server triggered by an event upload.

Is the uploaded Event video giving you a playback error or are they just not populating in the Event list? Have you verified that there are no filters set in the Events tab that might be preventing the events to show? The funnel button in the top right opens the Event Filter settings so you can select all the cams and the types of events you want to see.

i was getting 12 second video clips for all my cams i would tape events then the date and it would display all my events, then i would tap the event and it would show me the 12 second clip… then i can delet each or all… i do not suscribe to the service but have been getting the clips with no fees… but as of 5/1/23 i do not see any clips… now i am not sure how to see the clips from the video doorbell or my v2 outdoor camera which niether of them have a sd card… my oter v2 indoor cams have sd card and i can go back and look at recording but not a event clip… i do record continus on the sd cards … did they change and now i have to pay for service???

This is not the first time I have read of a user still getting Video clip Event Uploads without a subscription.

Yes, over a year ago Wyze limited uploads for customers with no subscription and introduced Cam Plus Lite. But, you have several cams in your list that are ‘special’.

Generally, cams that have no subscription only upload a Thumbnail image of an event, no video, and are subject to a 5 minute cooldown lockout between uploads. Cam Plus Lite subscriptions get 12s video uploads with a 5 minute cooldown. Cam Plus subscriptions get full length uploads without any cooldown.

The doorbells, however, are incompatible with Cam Plus Lite so they are supposed to get the 12s video uploads with a 5 minute cooldown even without a subscription.

Outdoor Cams (WCO) that are battery operated have features that interact differently with the subscriptions. I don’t have any WCO, so I can’t speak from experience. Perhaps an experienced WCO user like @IEatBeans or @Antonius can post in on how the WCO interacts without a subscription.

But, even without subscriptions, you should still be getting Event Thumbnail images uploaded to the Events tab every 5 minutes. The events tab shouldn’t be blank.

Make sure all your cams have updated firmware and your app is up to date.

Go to the events tab and press the funnel icon and click clear all.

Clear the App Cache in Account - App Info. Then log out in Account. Force close the app then open it and log back in. Test to see if you get uploads.

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when i click on events and then date it says no events… but i was able to find the events for my doorbell camera and my og camera… but cant find any events for cam v2 or cam pan v2 or outdoor cam v2

i was not paying for any service but as of 5/1/23 i no longer see the events… i can find therm in the browser of my pc but not able to play them it says have to suscribe to service

The Wyze Web View (computer browser) is only accessible to Cam Plus Subscriptions.

It sounds like you may have an app issue that is filtering out the events in the Events tab. The Events tab should be displaying all the same events you see in the Wyze Web View list.

thank you very much i will try and report back to you

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thank you so much… that worked… i feel so good now that i can see all my events again…

thank you … thank you

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You’re welcome. Glad it is solved. Sometimes the app just needs to be goosed to get back in line with the server. You can use the Event Filters page (funnel icon) any time you want to change what uploads you see and from which cams. The quick filters buttons at the top will also set filters as will the Cameras button.

thanks Larry

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