Not being able to schedule more then one thing at a time

Hi All,

Hopefully you can help me with this. I’m trying to make a scheduled task. At a certain time turn off X cameras. It lets me choose one camera but cannot choose more then one thing for that camera and I can’t add any other rules for anything else (other cameras, notifcations, sensors, etc). It just saves and goes back to the home screen. You used to be able to schedule as many things as you wanted. Am I missing something???


You’re not missing something, the app is missing something :slight_smile:.

This was changed when “shortcuts” became “rules”, and Wyze is currently working to add multiple device control back:

Wow that was a very essential function. My old “schedules” imported over but I just bought a bunch of new items so I deleted it and tried remaking. I guess that was a poor decision. Hopefully this is fixed quickly but it also looks like the new app has been out for weeks with no resolve.

Yes, it saves time creating a lot of redundant rules. For now the workaround is just to create 1 rule for each device. It’s time-consuming, but for most devices it will be a one-time setup.

Well combine that with you can’t set a rule that goes past midnight either. So I’m having to make two to four rules for a lot of my items. It’s no good.

I believe you can set a start and end time in a single rule, but you have to reverse it to make it work. For example, instead of scheduling a bulb to turn on at 7pm with an end time of 2am, schedule it to turn off at 2am with an end time of 7pm.

Again, not ideal, but it works until Wyze can update the app.

mmm ok I guess that’s better then what I’m doing - although quite counter-intuitive

Is this still being looked at? I wish the ability to add several devices to one schedule would work.