Not all motion is being captured wyze-cam

I have one of my wyze-cams that I pay to have all motion stored to the cloud. Yesterday I wanted to verify that all motion was being collected. I had the camera configured to capture motion to micro sd to “Record events only”, not “Continuous recording”.
I saw motion for a few minutes up to a specific point in time, but then 5 minutes that I know had motion in them were not collected, either to the cloud or on the sd card, then motion was collected again.
Why was all the motion not collected?
There may be a time when I NEED to be sure that all motion is collected.
I have now set the sd card configuration to “Continuous recording” and I’ll see what it provides. I also though would be having it all saved to the cloud as that is what I was paying for.

do you have a detection ZONE set up by chance?

Detection Zone is Off
Where the motion was detected before and after the missing 5 minutes was in the same place as where the motion was occurring during the missing 5 minutes.
The sensitivity was not changed either.

When you say you are paying to have it all stored to the cloud do you mean you are paying for CMC?

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I have a camera set up near my fence to record landscapers entering my property; I wanted a record of the time they spent on my property. The recording stopped a few times during their work (I discontinued c.m.c. because it was too spotty).

This never happened until the latest update! :rage:

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To Jason21271, Yes, this is the service I am paying for.
From the doc you referenced it says:
“Complete Motion Capture is an add-on service and upgrade to the free 12-second motion recording included with Wyze Cam. This upgrade will record motion to the cloud for as long as motion is detected, with no wait time between recordings.”

To RLBK, so you didn’t have the spotty 5 minutes drop out until after the last update?
If this is so then I would imagine the issue could be reverted and a new update released.
Any comments from Wyze on this?

Yup, no issues until after the latest update but I did group a set of cameras, wonder if that’s the reason? I remember seeing a few people had issues after making groups. I didn’t submit a ticket yet, seeing as a bunch of users have stated that their complaints have went unanswered. Not a priority right now…

I also noticed that I have recordings within the five minute cooldown so that’s a plus…I Guess?! :neutral_face: