Not able to connect to previous WiFi

Wyze Cam v2. Was connected to this particular 2.4 Wifi for 2 years. Suddenly shows up offline. The rebooting camera did not help. Reset camera. During setup, it is not able to connect to the local network. The password is correct. WiFi is 2.4. No Protected Management Frames set. WPA2-Personal/AES. No weird SSID or password.

Rebooted router. Unplugged camera and plugged back after 30 sec. All done. Same problem.
Any ideas?

If nothing changed recently on your network, you may have a hardware failure. To be sure, you may want to contact support to see if they have any ideas:


My issue has been resolved. Excellent customer service from Carl. He spent quite some time with me and we ended up with firmware flash.
I am back in business