Non PIR sensing

Does the Video Doorbell Pro ONLY detect PIR movement or is it possible to detect movement that does not have a PIR signature?

What I am trying to do is have my doorbell send a notification if the door gets opened but there is no person detected (for example if a child inside opened the door but didn’t step outside far enough for the doorbell to capture the PIR of the human.

I was disappointed that the Wyze Lock Bolt didn’t do some of the same detection that the Wyze Lock did in terms of notifying me if the door was left cracked open (and I really enjoy the fingerprint so I’m hesitant to change everything back). I was just wondering if I could rig up something similar using the doorbell notifications combined with door movement.

Hopefully they will just offer a wifi hub soon (or integration to work with the Sense hub) for the Lock Bolt and solve all these problems - I know they have heard our requests - but GET ON IT!